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Sony Pictures Choice Collection
*prices and availability are subject to change without notice*
Apache Territory DVD
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Item number: DS100

Starring: Rory Calhoun, Barbara Bates, John Dehner, Carolyn Craig, Leo Gordon
Directed by: Ray Zazarro

Following the aftermath of an attack by a marauding band of Apaches on a wagon train, drifter Logan Cates comes upon the lone survivor, a distraught adolescent girl. Taking charge of his new ward, Cates encounters another besieged group of settlers and together they take refuge at Papago Wells. As their food and water give out, so does the courage of many of his embattled force, leaving Cates to use a dust storm for cover as he and the remaining settlers strike back in their battle to survive.


Appointment In Berlin DVD
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Item number: DS101

Starring: George Sanders, Marguerite Chapman, Onslow Stevens, Gale Sondergaard
Directed by: Luke Greenfield

George Sanders stars as Wing Commander Keith Wilson, a member of the Royal Air Force who is removed from duty when caught criticizing the British government for reaching a deal with Hitler. The Secret Service hires Wilson as an undercover agent, posing as a traitor who becomes a radio announcer for the Nazis. Through his pro-Nazi radio announcements, he is able to pass vital information to the British army.


Arizona Raiders DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS102

Starring: Audie Murphy, Michael Dante, Ben Cooper, Buster Crabbe, Gloria Talbott
Directed by: William Witney

Filmed on location in the Grand Canyon State, Audie Murphy stars as Clint, a former Quantrell's Raider who, along with pal Willie Martin, are sprung from a chain gang by ranger Capt. Andrews on condition they agree to be deputized so they can round up the remaining members of the gang, which they hope to accomplish by pretending to rejoin.


Beyond Mombasa DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS103

Starring: Cornel Wilde, Donna Reed, Leo Genn, Ron Randell, Christopher Lee, Dan Jackson
Directed by: George Marshall

Arriving in East Africa to join in a uranium mining operation, drifter Matt Campbell (Wilde) is told that his brother has been murdered by a native religious cult known as the Leopard Men. Along with missionary Ralph Hoyt (Leo Genn) and Hoyt's niece, Ann Wilson (Reed), Matt follows a professional guide on an exploration to learn the truth.


The Black Arrow DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS104

Starring: Louis Hayward, Janet Blair, George Macready, Edgar Buchanan, Rhys Williams
Directed by: Gordon Douglas

In this crackling adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson tale, a knight returns from the War of the Roses only to learn that his father was murdered under mysterious circumstances. When he sets out to discover the truth, he finds his own life in jeopardy.


Buchanan Rides Alone DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS105

Starring: Randolph Scott, Craig Stevens, Barry Kelley, Tol Avery, Peter Whitney
Directed by: Budd Boetticher

Tom Buchanan is headed home to start his own ranch and live a peaceful life. He stops in the town of Agry, where a feud between members of the Agry family has begun. In the process of helping a man, Buchanan is robbed, thrown in jail and framed for murder. When Buchanan is released from jail, he is escorted out of town, but he finds his way back, aiming to get revenge on the Agry family.


A Bullet Is Waiting DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS106

Starring: Rory Calhoun, Jean Simmons, Stephen McNally, Brian Aherne
Directed by: John Farrow

The legendary Jean Simmons saddles up for this gripping, modern-day western as a sheltered girl living miles from civilization, whose quiet life is shattered by the intrusion of two desperate men. Both men are en route to jail when their plane crashes in a torrential rainstorm that forces them to seek refuge at the High Sierra ranch run by Simmons and her absent father. Suspicion, attraction and fear are just some of the emotions that rise to the boiling point when the threesome are forced to bide time in the tiny house. What happens next will keep you glued to your seat.


The Case Against Brooklyn DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS107

Starring: Darren McGavin, Margaret Hayes, Warren Stevens, Peggy McCay, Tol Avery
Directed by: Paul Wendkos

Based on a true story, this gritty, brutal drama traces how the police, empowered by the D.A., go about smashing a violent betting syndicate. Darren McGavin plays the lead cop on the case, while Warren Stevens has one of his best roles as the mob's sadistic enforcer.


Contract On Cherry Street DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS108

Starring: Frank Sinatra, Martin Balsam, Jay Black, Verna Bloom, Martin Gabel, Michael Nouri
Directed by: William A. Graham

Frank Sinatra and Martin Balsam are lieutenants on the vice squad investigating motor vehicle chop shops which lead them to a wider investigation of the mob. After the murder of one of their own, the cops decide to take justice into their own hands, no matter where that dark road takes them.


Criminal Lawyer DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS109

Starring: Pat O'Brien, Jane Wyatt, Carl Benton Reid, Mary Castle, Mike Mazurki
Directed by: Seymour Friedman

A rule-bending, hard-drinking but brilliant (and very successful) attorney, played by Pat O'Brien, yearns for the quieter life of a judgeship, but high-profile cases keep coming his way – including a murder rap against his own bodyguard.


Decision at Sundown DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS110

Starring: Randolph Scott, John Carroll, Karen Steele, Valerie French, Noah Berry Jr.
Directed by: Budd Boetticher

Bart Allison arrives in the town of Sundown seeking revenge for the murder of his wife by Tate Kimbrough. When Allison's partner gets shot in the back, the townspeople switch loyalties, joining Allison against Kimbrough. It leads to the two men standing in the middle of the street with guns in their holsters and blood in their eyes.


The 49th Man DVD
Click image for details
THE 49TH MAN 1953 (DVD)
Item number: DS111

Starring: John Ireland, Richard Denning, Suzanne Dalbert, Robert Foulk, Mike Connors
Directed by: Fred F. Sears

In this Cold War thriller, a car crash leads to police finding a suitcase containing pieces of an atomic bomb. Investigator John Williams is brought in to figure out where the parts are coming from, and why. As more parts are found throughout the country, the chase leads Williams to Marseille, France, where he meets a mysterious couple and a jazz musician who might be involved.


The Goddess DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS112

Starring: Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges, Steven Hill, Betty Lou Holland, Joan Copeland
Directed by: John Cromwell

Emily Ann Faulkner's unhappy childhood was dominated by dreams of Hollywood stardom. Escaping a disastrous first marriage and fleeing motherhood by leaving her infant child with her mother, Emily strikes out for fame, and lands in the arms of an ex-prizefighter, whom she marries and divorces. Love is just a step on the ladder to the top, and changing her name to Rita Shawn, the starlet also becomes the mistress of a studio executive. But fame, drugs or alcohol can't hold back the encroaching loneliness and feelings of emptiness in the actress's life.


Idol On Parade DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS113

Starring: William Bendix, Anthony Newley, Anne Aubrey, Lionel Jeffries, Sidney James
Directed by: John Gilling

British pop sensation "Jeep" Jackson's career is in high gear when he's notified he'll have to do a two-year tour in the army. Of course the musician isn't well suited to the military life, and his antics wreak havoc on the patience of commanding officer Sergeant Lush (William Bendix). Will Jackson defeat the military with his singular personality or will a truce allow the army to soldier on?


Island of Doomed Men DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS114

Starring: Peter Lorre, Rochelle Hudson, Robert Wilcox, Don Beddoe, George E. Stone
Directed by: Charles Barton

Stephen Danel is the owner of Dead Man's Island, an off-the-radar colony which uses paroled convicts as slaves. Among Danel's slaves are his beautiful wife Lorraine and Siggy, his servant, trapped within a house and yard surrounded by an electric fence. Undercover agent Mark Sheldon gets sent to the island as a paroled prisoner and becomes trapped himself. Fascinated by the glamorous Lorraine, Sheldon now has multiple reasons to escape the island, but Danel's sadistic guards maintain a tight circle around the house and grounds.


Johnny Allegro DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS115

Starring: George Raft, Nina Foch, George Macready, Will Geer, Gloria Henry
Directed by: Ted Tetzlaff

Ex-gangster Johnny Allegro makes the acquaintance of the beautiful Glenda Chapman when he helps her out of a tight spot. As a result, a Government agent persuades Allegro to exploit his new contact to go undercover and infiltrate a crime ring led by Glenda's husband, Morgan Vallin. Allegro achieves his objective, arriving at an island owned by Vallin, but realizes quickly that Vallin is a formidable opponent with a disturbing hobby.


Let Us Live DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS116

Starring: Maureen O'Sullivan, Henry Fonda, Ralph Bellamy, Alan Baxter, Stanley Ridges
Directed by: John Brahm

Brick Tennant and his beautiful fiancée, Mary, are on the verge of their nuptials, planning to have their dream house built, and establishing his taxi cab business. When poor eyewitness testimony and circumstantial evidence pin a murder on Brick and his friend, Joe, Mary is determined to prove their innocence. She enlists Detective Lieutenant Everett to help solve the crime and keep Brick and Joe from the electric chair.


The Line-Up DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS117

Starring: Eli Wallach, Robert Keith, Richard Jaeckel, Mary LaRoche, William Leslie
Directed by: Don Siegel

Dancer is a psychopathic San Francisco gangster who uses unwitting tourists to bring in heroin from the Orient. When one of the deliveries goes awry, a cop gets killed, bringing the police into action. But Dancer and his associate have three new unsuspecting carriers, including a little girl with a Japanese doll. It is up to the police to solve the case before Dancer kills innocent people.


The Mad Magician DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS118

Starring: Vincent Price, Mary Murphy, Eva Gabor, John Emery, Donald Randolph
Directed by: John Brahm

Legendary horror star Vincent Price is at his terrifying best as Gallico the Great, an inspired inventor of magic acts who longs to perform his creations himself. When he finally gets his chance, the production is closed by Gallico's cruel manager, who wants a rival magician to perform Gallico's greatest trick, The Lady and the Buzz Saw. An enraged Gallico turns into a homicidal maniac, taking out his victims with the same methods he used to create his illusions.


Meet the Stewarts DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS119

Starring: William Holden, Frances Dee, Grant Mitchell, Marjorie Gateson, Anne Revere
Directed by: Alfred E. Green

In order to get Mike Stewart to agree to marriage, socialite Candy Goodwin promises to live within his modest means – a condition that her wealthy parents vehemently oppose. But living on a budget proves impossible for Candy, who borrows her family's cook to help with a dinner party, only to find that her new in-laws disapprove of her! When Mike realizes that Candy's spending can't be reigned in, he storms off and Candy's left to figure out if she can manage without Mike.


Mr. Winkle Goes to War DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS120

Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Ruth Warrick, Ted Donaldson, Bob Haymes, Richard Lane
Directed by: Alfred E. Green

Quitting his bank job of fifteen years to open a fix-it shop, Wilbert Winkle begins questioning his choice after his wife starts nagging him. Though surprised to receive a draft notice, the middle-aged Wilbert responds. And after ending up in the South Pacific where his wits and courage make him a most unlikely hero, the unassuming Winkle heads back home content to resume life where he left off.


Over 21 DVD
Click image for details
OVER 21 1945 (DVD)
Item number: DS121

Starring: Irene Dunne, Alexander Knox, Charles Coburn, Jeff Donnell, Loren Tindall
Directed by: Charles Vidor

Ruth Gordon's play is the source of this delightful comedy about a newspaper reporter who quits to join the Army during WW2, infuriating his editor and perplexing his wife, a famous novelist and screenwriter. She moves to a run-down apartment by the base to be near him, and spends more time dealing with the dilapidated housing than she does with him (he must sleep in the barracks). To make matters worse: at almost 40, he's having trouble remembering all the things he's supposed to be learning. Can the marriage survive? Will America win the war without him?


Passport to Suez DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS122

Starring: Warren William, Ann Savage, Eric Blore, Robert Stanford, Sheldon Leonard
Directed by: Andre De Toth

In his ninth and last appearance as retired jewel thief Michael Lanyard, aka The Lone Wolf, the peerless Warren William again finds himself overseas helping to battle the Third Reich. This time, he and loyal valet Jamison arrive in Egypt, where Lanyard is promptly blackmailed into stealing vital documents that the Nazis need. How he gets out of this mess makes for a terrific combination of action, suspense and humor.


Paula DVD
Click image for details
PAULA 1952 (DVD)
Item number: DS123

Starring: Loretta Young, Kent Smith, Alexander Knox, Tommy Rettig, Otto Hulett
Directed by: Rudolph Mate

Paula Rogers is the middle-class wife of a young up-and-coming college professor whose depression over her inability to have a child is channeled into caring for a young hit-and-run victim. But the twist is that Paula is secretly responsible for the child's condition! With the support of her close friend Dr. Frazer, who begins to suspect her secret motivation, Paula starts on a path that may mean the end of her husband's career and her marriage, or even lead to her arrest.


Pickup Alley DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS124

Starring: Victor Mature, Anita Ekberg, Trevor Howard, Andre Morell, Bonar Colleano
Directed by: John Gilling

Spurred on by the death of his drug-addicted sister at the hands of ruthless narcotics kingpin Frank McNally, U.S. drug enforcement agent Charles Sturgis embarks on an investigation that takes him from New York to London, Lisbon, Rome, Naples and finally Athens in pursuit of McNally's shapely associate, Gina Broger. With her arrest by Interpol, Gina agrees to help Sturgis track McNally and his latest multi-million dollar drug shipment back to New York, where the chase finally ends when the drug lord falls to his death while trying to escape.


Psyche 59 DVD
Click image for details
PSYCHE 59 1964 (DVD)
Item number: DS125

Starring: Curt Jurgens, Patricia Neal, Samantha Eggar, Ian Bannen, Beatrix Lehmann
Directed by: Alexander Singer

Although the doctors can find nothing wrong with her eyes, Alison remains blind following a fall down stairs during the waning months of her pregnancy. When Alison tells her husband of an upcoming visit by her newly divorced younger sister, Robin, he's angry. But once Robin arrives and sees that her brother-in-law is attracted to her, she deliberately sets out to seduce him, despite the presence of her sightless sister.


The Pumpkin Eater DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS126

Starring: Anne Bancroft, Peter Finch, James Mason, Janine Gray, Cedric Hardwicke
Directed by: Jack Clayton

In her third marriage to writer Jake Armitage, Jo wrangles her brood of five young children with Jake's cheerful support. But Jo's happiness is shattered when she realizes that Jake is not only unfaithful, but that he is constitutionally incapable of monogamy. Pregnant with another child, Jo becomes increasingly distraught, and eventually breaks down utterly when confronted with more evidence of Jake's infidelity.


Pygmy Island DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS127

Starring: Johnny Weissmuller, Ann Savage, David Bruce, Steven Geray, William Tannen
Directed by: William Berke

Following the success of his role as Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller starred in a series of films as Jungle Jim, a character first depicted in a comic strip by Alex Raymond and Don Moore. Weissmuller played a hunter with a deep knowledge of the native people of the area, its land and animals. In Pygmy Island, Jim aids in the search for a female scientist lost in the jungle. After helping to locate and rescue her, Jim and the scientist work with the local pygmies to defend a crop of plants from evil agents with intentions that would threaten world peace, and US national security.


The Quick Gun DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS128

Starring: Audie Murphy, Merry Anders, James Best, Ted de Corsia, Walter Sande
Directed by: Sidney Salkow

Clint Cooper is a gunslinger who returns to his hometown after a two year absence with the hopes that his sweetheart, schoolteacher Helen Reed, has waited for him. The townsfolk aren't happy to have him in their midst, even though he helps fight off a gang of outlaws led by a former gun-slinging pal. Can Clint win back his girl, the trust of his neighbors, and settle down to a life of peace and quiet on his own land or will he live long enough to even have the chance?


Screaming Mimi DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS129

Starring: Anita Ekberg, Philip Carey, Gypsy Rose Lee, Harry Townes, Linda Cherney
Directed by: Gerd Oswald

Anita Ekberg plays the gorgeous and tortured dancer with the Great Dane named Devil, who, after being nearly attacked by a man with a knife, is put into an asylum under the obsessive care of psychiatrist Dr. Greenwood. When the girl begins to show signs of improvement, the psychiatrist assumes her care on the outside so she can resume her dancing career. The proprietor of El Madhouse, a tawdry nightclub, hires the girl but then a series of murders by "The Ripper" attracts the attention of a newspaper reporter, and the doctor and reporter face off to try to protect the girl.


Song Without End DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS130

Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Capucine, Genevieve Page, Patricia Morison, Ivan Desny
Directed by: Charles, Vidor, George Cukor

This lush bio-pic of the brilliant composer and piano virtuoso Franz Liszt depicts the great conflicts in his young life. Liszt has begun to tire of the oppressive demands of his current mistress, Countess Marie, who has given up her own life and young children to live with him despite a great scandal. Liszt prefers to flee to the adoration of the crowds and the concert stage, where he captures the attention of a beautiful Russian princess. Despite her great love for the composer, he is torn between his carnal passions, his religious devotion, and the demands of his artistry.


The Soul of a Monster DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS131

Starring: Rose Hobart, George Macready, Jim Bannon, Jeanne Bates, Erik Rolf
Directed by: Will Jason

Esteemed actress Rose Hobart stars in this moody horror film reminiscent of the classic chillers of Val Lewton. A noted surgeon lies terminally ill, but a strange woman appears and announces she can cure him; she succeeds, but the good doctor now behaves a little bit...differently. Creepily photographed by Burnett Guffey, this seldom-seen thriller is a must for those who like their fright a little bit...different.


Special Inspector DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS132

Starring: Charles Quigley, Rita Hayworth, George McKay, Edgar Edwards, John Spacey
Directed by: Leon Barsha

U.S. Customs Agent Tom Evans is tasked with taking down a smuggling ring that is stealing furs from Canadian trucks and selling them in San Francisco. Posing as a truck driver, Tom picks up a woman in distress and in need of a ride. Along with his partner, the trio hits the road, but they are quickly captured by the smugglers. Tom escapes and resumes his job at the fur-shipping company, only to be hijacked again. This time, however, Tom's cover is blown and he must figure out how to take down the smugglers once and for all.


The Spiritualist DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS133

Starring: Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Cathy O'Donnell, Richard Carlson, Donald Curtis
Directed by: Bernard Vorhaus

Turhan Bey plays the mysterious spiritualist who convinces a beautiful widow and her young sister that her dead husband is trying to contact her from beyond the grave. Richly photographed by famed cinematographer John Alton, the dark, smoky interiors and fog-swept beaches give this a gothic feel that elevates this B-picture to a favorite of noir fans. Also known as The Amazing Mr. X, this is the first and only DVD release of this film mastered from original 35mm elements.


Strange Affair DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS134

Starring: Allyn Joslyn, Evelyn Keyes, Marguerite Chapman, Edgar Buchanan, Nina Foch
Directed by: Alfred E. Green

Comic book artist Bill Harrison has a beautiful and very understanding wife. But the police department, especially Lieutenant Washburn and Sergeant Erwin, don't understand why he's always poking his nose into trouble. When a man he was supposed to have picked up at the train station ends up dead, Harrison becomes suspicious and begins to investigate the dead man's beautiful widow, and the other strange characters who were at hand, making the investigation very complicated in this suspenseful comedy.


A Study in Terror DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS135

Starring: John Neville, Donald Houston, John Fraser, Anthony Quayle, Barbara Windsor
Directed by: James Hill

Three of 19th Century England's most famous characters come together for the first time in this sumptuous, exciting mystery, as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson set out to bring down history's most notorious serial killer: Jack The Ripper! When a suspicious package arrives at the master sleuth's Baker Street home, he and his old friend must join the hunt before more murders are committed...even though the trail may lead to places they'd rather not go.


Surprise Package DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS136

Starring: Yul Brynner, Mitzi Gaynor, Noel Coward, Eric Pohlmann, George Coulouris
Directed by: Stanley Donen

Legendary director Stanley Donen serves up this delightful souffle, starring Yul Brynner in a rare comedy role as big-time gambler Nico March, who's been deported to the Greek island where he was born. He runs into dethroned King Pavel II who offers to sell his bejeweled crown for $1,000,000. Nico asks his former associates to send him the cash, but instead they send his ex-girlfriend. And now Nico finds himself on the run with an unwanted dame in tow!


The Tall T DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS137

Starring: Randolph Scott, Richard Boone, Maureen O'Sullivan, Arthur Hunnicutt
Directed by: Budd Boetticher

Pat Brennan is a former ranch hand trying to make it on his own. After losing his horse in a bet, he finds himself on a stagecoach with Willard and Doretta Mims. When a pack of outlaws takes over the stagecoach and finds out that Doretta is the heir to a copper fortune, a hostage situation develops, and it's up to Brennan to save the day.


There's Always a Woman DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS138

Starring: Joan Blondell, Melvyn Douglas, Mary Astor, Frances Drake, Jerome Cowan
Directed by: Alexander Hall

William Reardon leaves his cushy job with the District Attorney to open up a private detective agency. But when things get tough, he goes back to the D.A. office, leaving his wife Sally to close up the agency. When a woman comes in with what seems like an easy case, Sally takes it on herself, trailing the woman who may be cheating with the client's husband. When the client's husband is found murdered, however, Sally tries to solve the case on her own, while William tries to solve it for the D.A.


There's Something About a Soldier DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS139

Starring: Tom Neal, Evelyn Keyes, Bruce Bennett, John Hubbard, Jeff Donnell
Directed by: Alfred E. Green

Trainee Wally Williams is so full of himself that his fellow candidates dislike him. Handsome, cocky, and self-centered, Wally is itching to show up his fellow classmates...especially in front of pretty Carol Harkness. Wally senses a rival for Carol's attention and sets his sights on Frank Molloy, an infantryman returning for officer training who struggles with the coursework despite being the only student with actual war-time experience.


Three Hours to Kill DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS140

Starring: Dana Andrews, Donna Reed, Dianne Foster, Stephen Elliott, Richard Coogan
Directed by: Alfred L. Werker

Alfred Werker had directed a number of lower budget noir films when he brought his talents and a dark sensibility to this western-themed drama. Donna Reed, Dana Andrews, and Dianne Foster star in this revenge story of a cowboy wrongly accused of murder. Strung up by an angry lynch mob, he escapes with the scar of the noose around his neck. In order to prove his innocence, he's determined to hunt down the real killer.


Three Stripes In the Sun DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS141

Starring: Aldo Ray, Philip Carey, Dick York, Chuck Connors, Camille Janclaire
Directed by: Richard Murphy

Though his wartime service left him with a bitter hatred for the enemy, an assignment with occupation forces in postwar Japan will transform Sergeant Hugh O'Reilly. In a small war-ravaged village, Hugh's growing affection for its many orphans inspires him to give his time and money, and leads to a love affair with his translator, Yuko. Already facing her family's vehement opposition, seeing Yuko on the arm of an escort at a charity event turns Hugh against her and the Japanese people. Yet with help from his commanding officer, Hugh finally realizes that he is in love.


Thunderhoof DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS142

Starring: Preston Foster, Mary Stuart, William Bishop
Directed by: Phil Karlson

Rancher Scotty Mason and his wife, Margarita, head across the Texas plains into Mexico in search of an elusive horse, Thunderhoof. Scotty picks up his old partner, The Kid, to help capture the wild steed, but it seems that The Kid can't be trusted.


The Werewolf DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS143

Starring: Steven Ritch, Don Megowan, Joyce Holden, Eleanore Tanin, Kim Charney
Directed by: Fred F. Sears

A stranger shows up in town, not knowing who he is or where he came from. When a local tough guy threatens him, the stranger's anger comes out, and he turns into one of the most terrifying creatures of legend – the werewolf – killing the hooligan. As locals try to understand the unusual murder, we learn the origin of the werewolf, created by two diabolical doctors who gave the stranger an unusual serum. Meanwhile, the part-man, part-beast hides in the woods, trying not to let his curse hurt others.


The Whistler DVD
Click image for details
Item number: DS144

Starring: Richard Dix, Gloria Stuart, J. Carrol Naish, Alan Dinehart, Joan Woodbury
Directed by: William Castle

In this suspenseful crime drama, Earl Conrad, suffering from the loss of his wife, is so depressed that he hires a hitman to kill him. However, when Earl finds out that his wife is actually alive, he tries to stop the job. But now the man who hired the killer is dead and the hitman is after Earl. Will Earl stop the killer before it's too late?



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